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M.A. Students

Ron Carmeli.JPG

Ron Carmeli

Research Gate:

Ron studies the effect of attention on the perception of passive risk and passive risk taking.

Shir Levy.jpg

Shir Levy

Research Gate:

Shir studies the relation between passive risk-taking and time perspective, using data from the Health and Retirement Study (HRS), a longitudinal panel study of Americans over the age of 50.

Dvir Caspi.jpg

Dvir Caspi

Research Gate:

Dvir studies the influence of perceived control on passive risk taking.

Mays Abukaf.jpeg

Mays Abukaf

Research Gate:

Mays studies the following psychological interventions: value-affirmation intervention, social belonging intervention and their potential role in improving academic performance among undergraduate Bedouin-Arab students.

Roy Rozen.jpg

Roy Rozen

Research Gate:

Roy studies how people perceive paternalistic interventions and whether their perception is related to the utility gained from the act.


Eliya Chulpaev

Research Gate:

Eliya studies the relationship between passive risk and environmental conservation behaviors.

Noa Gilat.jpg

Noa Gilat

Research Gate:

Noa studies group decision making. More specifically, is group decision making more accurate when making decisions on your own. She is interested in people's statistical intuitions and their ability to overcome biases in selection processes.

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