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Ma'ayan Finegold

M.A student in social psychology, graduated with B.Sc in Cognitive and brain sciences and psychology. 

Maayan's research focuses on epistemic curiosity, specifically examining how curiosity a and tendencies in knowledge acquisition influence the propensity to take passive risks. We examine whether stimulating curiosity can improve decision-making in risk contexts.

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Noa Dagan

Noa is studying ethical decision-making, specifically focusing on understanding when people choose to adopt organizational ethical protocols and when they recommend others to do the same.

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Yoram Zahavi

Yoram holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science and a Master of Business Administration (MBA), both from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. He has vast managerial, product, and technology delivery experience in the high-tech industry.
Yoram’s studies focus on individual differences in decision-making scenarios. Specifically, he studies willful ignorance and trust signals in the context of dyadic relationships.

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Roy Rozen

Roy studies how people perceive paternalistic interventions and whether their perception is related to the utility gained from the act.


Keren Abu

Keren is an M.A. student in social psychology and graduated with a B.Sc in Cognitive and brain sciences and psychology. Keren's MA thesis focuses on Information Preferences as a function of language, whether people are more likely to want to know information when presented in a foreign language than in their native language.

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Tal Hazut

Tal is an M.A. student in social psychology. Tal's research aims to examine the effect of construal level (CLT) on the tendency to mitigate passive risk in cyber security. 

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